Fossil Oak

Fossil oak or Ebony (Bog-oak) is the natural oak tree which has been in the water and mud of riverbeds from several hundred to several thousand years.

Because of the chemical process and under the influence of running water, Ebony got dark brown, gray and black color, as well as excellent strength and hardness, and specific gravity, so it is rightly called, ’eternal tree’.
Ebony is very demanding for drying, it’s possible to utilize about 20% of a tree, which is why the fossil oak has a high price. Due to its characteristics and durability, ebony wood is highly prized and sought after, and is used for making veneer, furniture, musical instruments. . .
Ebony which we use in the production of wooden wall coverings comes from the riverbeds of the European rivers
n Serbia, especially in Sumadija, there aren’t any large walnut forests or plantations. There are walnut trees planted in small areas or individual self-sown trees. The quality, strength, hardness, completely unique texture and color of this wood have classified it among the most expensive kinds in the world.